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My art is intimately connected

to the living world and to the concept of time.


 To create, I must first live and feel.

Aromas, textures, landscapes and light feed my senses and impress upon me a collection of sensations that my art transcribes. Detail is my inspiration, guiding my instincts and stirring up a poetry inside me.


 I seek it out and capture it in every form, then extract its essence

to convey a sense of place and tell a human story.


By embracing spontaneity and sensitivity, ideas form and grow through travel and encounters.

Connections are created, which I carry forwards with me.


In my studio, I transcribe inspiration and emotion.

First through sketches then through explorations of colour, texture and lines.


My story began with engraving. Today, paint and graphite pencil bring new dimensions

as I express a world rich in sensations – a world that is above all alive.


Crush Agency

Construct London
Be Dandy


Carré Basset

LOVE Paris


Accent Français

Aur Atelier


La Lettre M


Parfums de Marly
Carolina Bucci

Cognac Ferrand
Hasnaâ Chocolats
Domaine Belargus
Barton Family Wines
Remy Martin

Hedonist spirits


BBC Spirit

Kilian Paris

Partisan du Sens


Château Soutard

Clos Fourtet
Le Louvre Armagnacs
Jack Daniel’s
Maison Villevert
Vignobles Bardet
Domaine Peter Sichel
La Mauny Rhum
Orchidée Maison de Vin

+33 (0)6 73 56 11 14

Bordeaux - Paris - London

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©Tous droits réservés Anne-Lise Yandell / Film : Julien Seignol

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